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I don't give a fuck about none of y'all Big ballin' ass Boss takin' two o your head With a sawed off shotgun Give it up 'cause I'm one crazed bitch Rollin' thick, gang full of lunatics.

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On a penny-annie punk talkin' junk I'll beat you down so bad Your own pops won't recognize you It's better known as the first degree murder Causin' death and destruction, got niggas livin' by the gun.

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Boss - I Don't Give a Fuck Lyrics

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Naw, not givin' a fuck, not givin' a fuck about shit To me I see life like it's a bunch of fuckin' bullshit 'Coz everybody's runnin' around with crooked scam And every fuckin' minute I see a nigga in a ambulance.

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Description: I don't give a fuck, not a single fuck Not a single solitary fuck I don't give a fuck, motherfucker Motherfucker, I don't give a motherfuckin' Not a motherfuckin' dime, motherfucker, I don't give a fuck.


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